Tinseltown Takedown w/Darin Tino

“Here’s to your destruction…”


Well, well… well. Look who finally made it to the party. C’mon in. Have a drink. And close the door, will ya? Letting in all the sunlight.

As you can see before your very eyes, I’m back.

That’s right, hombre. I’ve returned to the Tinseltown trenches. Knee deep in the mud, blood, and Botox. The very place where I first made a name for myself. I’m back to show all these millennial hipsters how entertainment reporting is really done. What I call ‘the Right Way.’

Also trying to mend the few fences I left standing on my way out of town twenty years ago. First thing was to generously offer some friendly advice to the makers of that all gal Ghostbusters reboot. More importantly, mention the one crucial thing they’d forgotten that would’ve pulled their project out of the doomed, fiery spiraling screaming nosedive it was in. Did they listen to me? By the box office take,  obviously not. The thanks I got from dapper director Paul Feig ? Mr. Fancy Pants banned me from his Twitter account @PaulFeig.

Just one of many brand mission statements of TINSELTOWN TAKEDOWN w/Darin Tino will be getting Feig to un-ban me from this Twitter feed. I know you’re just as excited as I am looking forward into the future to see this happen. And I know, Paul is, too

Ain’t that right, Paul?

“Excuse me, Mr. Feig? There’s a Darin Tino here to see you…”

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