No, ihey’re not a Coldplay knock-off band!. It’s a “save mankind” sci-fi monster movie. Seriously.


Considering five out of the eight doomed crew on  a Hail Mary space flight to save mankind meet their maker by way of various forms of self sacrifice, it was inevitable this divisive sci-fi flick would stick the landing high on this list. Our of the five who die, it’s the guy who doesn’t bite it invitingly that ranks him above his other brothers from other mothers. However it’s more than just this distinction to his extinction the more memorable.

No matter the genre, an opportunity to shuffle the mortal coil in a memorable movie moment is like acting catnip. Even sweeter to go in hero mode. Better yet is if death is met when they get to go out on a last breath.

On paper, the end of James Mace has all these elements in spades. What elevates the space engineer’s fate is actor Chris Evans has the chops to give good death. Color me impressed.

Engineer JAMES MACE: Not just another pretty face in outer space. So get off his case.

I’m not one of these imbecilic assholes with an inner sissy that gets pissy over the idea apologizing is weak. If done with sincerity. you evolve.  Next time I run into Evans, you can bet I’ll be set to do the evolution.

I’m going to more or less hazard a guess  my assessment of Chris Evans in the early stage of his career weren’t unique. It wouldn’t be hard to make a case he was  just another pretty face in the race for the new gen of emerging leading men.  Evans was doing lots of “hot shots”and not taking great lengths to play beyond his strengths at filling the shoes as “the next Tom Cruise.” Hey, who wouldn’t want to be the next TC?

However what Evans was really doing while sitting in the pocket of playing minor variations in the same key of “hot shot” and. “ace” was sharpening his acting chops under the radar. Filling his acting tool chest.  Biding time to bring out his best.

James Mace comes so close to succeeding in his task. It’s the way in which the hot shot gets got comes as a gut punch. Yet it’s the way Evans plays it that makes it heartbreaking.

Right down to the last breath.

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