A Tinseltown Takedown EXCLUSIVE

031019 - 3

Just in time for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration of inebriation, the underground sensation sweeping the drinking game nation is back to attack your liver. Tinseltown Takedown proudly brings you an exclusive to be found nowhere else. Welcome to The Edward Burns Drinking Game: Round 2.

Fair warning: if you’ve never played this game, it’s best to be baptized by the beginner’s round to be found in Takedown’s archives. Sound like a shameless plug? Could be. However, unless you’re the second coming of Keith Moon, give the article a gander. 

Those ready to advance to the next round, the rules are simple: DRINK for each time Mickey (Edward Burns) says “You know” and for any combination of “Yeah, no” or “No, yeah.”  How many times can Burns use the phrase in a 30 second clip? Grab your favorite libation and find out in this scene from SHE’S THE ONE, the second movie from Irish triple threat Edward Burns. 

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