Burns01 - 1
Edward Burns,\ blackbelt in Wisecrack Kwon Do

A question I’m often asked –  besides, “Hey, what are you doing in my backyard?” – is “How do you play the EDWARD BURNS DRINKING GAME?” 

The rules are simple: watch any movie written & directed by Edward Burns. It can be his Sundance Film Festival Winner THE BROTHERS MCMULLEN to romantic comedy SHE’S THE ONE to gritty crime drama ASH WEDNESDAY, as long as it’s a movie written & directed by Burns.

Drink every time Burns peppers his character’s dialogue with:

“Yeah, no…”

“No, yeah…”


“You know…”

“I don’t know…”

It’s recommend for beginners that before attempting to play with an entire movie by the Irish auteur, it’s best to try the game while watching just one scene with Burns. 

SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK is best suited for first time players. Two phrases are in play. Drink each time Burns says: You know…” or “l don’t know” or a combination of both.  Tinseltown Takedown has prepared a scene for you. Good luck!

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