A TALK WITH TINO – 2017: A Recap


Hey, who’s ready for 2018?

Well, tough shit. It’s here and we’re all in the same hand woven basket steadily dropping down deep into the depths of the inferno.

Don’t you worry none. If Satan’s soirée is anything like they say, I’ve known my fair share of the wretched and the damned. Pretty darn good chance I’ll be jumping the line, so stick close and we might wind up VIP’s.

In the mean by, TINSELTOWN TAKEDOWN is back. In full compliance with terms set forth by the Los Angeles Municipal Court. So I say, let’s kick it up a notch and take it to the next blah blah yada yada. What’s that mean for you? 

Video clips. You’re peepers are in for a feast of previews, scenes from the best movies and possibly some of the worst. Just like a DJ does with music with remixes and such, movies are gonna get mashed-up, mixed, and whatever the fuck else I can get away with. If things work well, Tinseltown Takedown will be accepting and showcasing shorts from maybe you and your fellow passengers on this one-way hellhound train.

For starters, allow me – with the help of the fine flick THE WAY OF THE GUN mixed with a little WHITE OF THE EYE  to share a brief summarization of what 2017 was like for yours truly. I’d call this clip THE WAY OF THE EYE OF THE GUN, but that’d make me some kind of dipshit.

Hope you enjoy. I know I didn’t.

About darintino (45 Articles)
I once was a folk singer for the five-man punk rock barbershop quartet DIRTY ROTTEN FOLKERS. Our first and only release was a greatest hits record called Go Folk Yourself.

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