Think Kevin James Is A One-Trick Pony… You’d Be Right

After just one season – despite the CBS sitcom star claiming: “No, no. It’s totally different from King of Queens” – with Queens co-star Leah Remini replacing James’ TV wife Erinn Hayes, Kevin Can Wait sure as shit is shaping up to look and sound a hell of a lot like the show Kevin James claims it ain’t.

Last year, before the premiere of Kevin Can Wait, in an attempt to suggest some viable options other than the shameless Queens reboot, Tinseltown Takedown offered Kevin James five fresh shows spanning the gamut from comedy to drama. These carefully crafted creations – direct from Takedown’s drink tank – allowed ostensible chance at stretching his acting ability rather than his waistline.  Not surprisingly, we were turned down.

CUT TO: last week. The wave of backlash came rolling in against Kevin Can Wait as Monday morning outrage addicts got their fix over the lazy dismissal of Erinn Hayes’ character done dirty by two lines of dialogue within the first minutes of the Season Two premiere. There doesn’t seem to be any audience ill will against Ms. Hayes, nor is there any grudges held against Ms. Remini. The ire on high is entirely for James and with the show in his name, so comes the blame.

To show support for KJ, Tinseltown Takedown decided come back to the table with the five shows in tow. Naturally, there’s twist. Because apparently there always has to be a twist now. (Thanks for nothing, M. Night Shyamalan.)

Via Twitter Moments, here’s an exclusive private look at public reaction to the controversial decision shaking up the television world with a king-sized scandal some  outrage addicts already are calling Kevin Can Waitgate. #KevinCanWaitgate

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