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script: Walter Hill     director: Sam Peckinpah

THE PLOT: Carter “Doc” McCoy (Steve McQueen, the height of his cinematic prowess) and wife Carol (Ali MacGraw, the height of It-girl hippie chic) are in love and on the lamb. She gets him sprung from the can by banging Benyon (Ben Johnson, legend) a dubious Texas tycoon. Carol keeps Doc in the dark about the tryst. Along with two of Benyon’s men, she joins Doc on a bank heist bankrolled by Benyon. Everything goes as perfectly planned, allowing Doc and Carol to set off  on their Old Mex getaway vacation.

Yeah, right. Do these movie heists ever go but one way? When you know the shit’s going to hit the fan, all that matters is at what speed. This here’s a heist flick that’s the real deal thanks to its 70’s feel. Post heist it’s post haste for Mr. & Mrs. McCoy as they spend the rest of the movie on the run with the usual double dealing dogs at their heels.  It all culminates in this blaze of bullets and double-ought buck blasting through the hallways of a hide-out hotel on the New Mexico border.

Let the bodies hit the floor.


THE SHOUT OUT:  There’s plenty more from there as Bloody Sam directs The King of Cool shotgunning the shit out of bad guys. Does anything else really need to be said?

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