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Is Beckinsale Besotted To Be Bride of Frankenstein?

Sources spotted Kate out with Frankenstein’s Monster the other night at Nobu in Malibu. The evening out was reportedly arranged by producers of Universal Pictures in hopes to have Kate sign on to play the lead in the next movie slated for Dark Universe  – the latest attempt by a studio to imitate Marvel’s wildly successful and insanely lucrative “shared universe” production paradigm.

Looking entirely different when not on the set or attending a premiere, Kate definitely is a ringer for the film’s original Bride (played by Elsa Lanchester). Beckinsale was still stunning as ever in a white lace and chiffon dress, stylishly accessorized by a black leather corset. Her usually luxurious hair could only be described as somewhere bewteen Cruella De Vil meets Dolly Parton meets the B-52’s. 


Kate Beckinsale: Bride to be?

We’re told over drinks Kate had the miso cod while The Monster Formally Known As Frankenstein’s (per CAA where TMFKAF recently signed since splitting from BFD –  Baron Von Frankenstein Division, his agency – after 70 years) took down two orders of Rock Shrimp Tempura with room for his favorite Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno.

At the end of the evening, the two shared a few intimate moments while waiting for valet. After Kate was whisked away by her driver, Monster paused to sign autographs until his hearse was brought around. Asked if the meeting went well and if Kate would indeed be The Bride in the next Dark Universe movie, TMFKAF replied, “RRAHGhh! Good.”


The Monster Formally Known As Frankenstein’s; leaving Nobu

The Bride of Frankenstein is slated for release Feburary 14th, 2019.



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