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Bring it on in, Double M. Time to sharpen knives and take lives. Again.

Blumhouse 2.0: Setting Sights On Halloween Horizon.

When Blumhouse Studios snapped up the rights to John Carpenter’s Halloween, no one seemed surprised. With successful franchises in Paranormal Activity and The Purge, indie production and distribution joint was getting dubbed “the Pixar of horror movies.”  Now flush with the back-to-back successes of Split and Get Out no doubt that’s a caveat CEO Jason Blum would like to keep.

The entire internet did a double take when Blumhouse announced Danny McBride was locking down a script. Tweets and blogs blew up about Michael Meyers being brought back to big screen life by a comedian best known for playing Kenny Powers, the hilariously foul mouthed anti-hero asshole from HBO’s Eastbound and Down. Was it a reboot? A reimagining? Prequel? Sequel? Would McBride don the mask and be slimming down to fit into Meyers’s coveralls?

During all the Twitter jibber jabber and fanboy blither blather, no one seemed to want to address the most glaring obstacle to a remotely coherent, reasonably feasible story that could realistically return Carpenter’s iconic killer to fictional Haddonfield streets.

Well, fuck that. Time to face the music… 


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