In Praise Of…


Screen shot 2017-06-05 at 2.24.54 AM

Here’s the thing.

There’s two kinds of people in this society.  Those who see The Hollywood Knights as a hilariously foul mouthed prank filled raunchfest. A treasure trove of quotes for those in the know. 

Then there’s the high minded stuff shirts. The self anointed purveyors of taste. Doomed buffoons forever confused by the antics of the Newbaum Turks of the world. Like alleged “movie reviewer” Pete Laurie.

Are the movie’s jokes juvenile? Oh yeah. Its antics low brow? The brows don’t get lower. Does it have a scene where a gross bodily function is played for laughs to the tune of Dean Martin’s ‘Volarie’? Funny you should ask.

If you don’t laugh your ass off at that or even crack a smile? Then you’re definitely going to be offended by the next clip. Before you click on it, why not have some punch?

Party sponsored by MyDyk Sparkling Punch’s new Wango Tango flavor.

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