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Finding herself surrounded with no escape, the ingénue prepared for battle.

Did I mention last week that site content would be a little scarce? No? Well, hombre, life is full of little surprises.

Like when you’re supposed to be hopping on a private jet to fly to Cannes, expecting Eric Roberts and Bai Ling to be on board. Turns out to be dipshit magician Chris Angel getting barked at by an already sky-high Charlie Sheen and that porn star that looks like Lisa Rinna. Or maybe it was actually Rinna. Hard to tell from the back of her head.

Needless to say, the last few days were spent in a black out. Then a black in. Then black out again. That’s when I do my best work and I didn’t disappoint. In true Tino style, yours truly managed to smuggle some exclusive clips, teasers, and previews of some of the hottest titles Cannes had to offer. Don’t worry. It’s not a crime if they don’t know things are missing, right? What’s Cannes going to do? Send the gendarmerie after us? Fine, after me.

Live dangerously and check out this character sizzle spot for what may be a reboot of  The Great Race, originally directed by Blake Edwards. Each of the main characters are rumored to be getting stand-alone movies before meeting up Avengers-style for the titular race. First up:  Who Is Professor Fate?


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