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May 2nd, Mexican Standoff Day

     in recognition and celebration of…

Tom Sizemore:

King of the Mexican StandoffSizeo

Tom Sizemore is the only actor to have been in three cinematic Mexican Standoffs: Natural Born Killers, True Romance, and Enemy of the State. Unfortunately all three of his characters –  Srgt. Jack Scagnetti, Officer Cody Nichols, and Boss Paulie Pintero, respectively – don’t survive any of their standoffs when the lead starts to fly.

Sizemore has the sole distinction as the only actor to appear in two of three Mexican Standoffs directed by the late Tony Scott: True Romance & Enemy of the State (he missed out on Domino, but easily could have played the role Mickey Rourke was cast in, thereby giving Sizemore the Tony Scott hat trick).

A third caveat for Sizemore? Yep, he’s the only actor to have performed in two out of  three Mexican Standoffs written by Quentin Tarantino: True Romance and Natural Born Killers. He wasn’t in Reservoir Dogs, but Sizemore is linked to the movie by the surname Scagnetti. Is “super cop” Jack Scagnetti from NBK  a relative to Mr. Blonde’s parole officer, Seymour Scagnetti? Possibly. Could Sizemore play Seymour Scagnetti in another movie and score a fourth Mexican Standoff?

I don’t know, hombres. But I do know this: it’s time to recognize this one-of-a-kind achievement in cinematic history. So, I say by the power invested in me by a weekend-long Bloody Mary morning I hereby declare May 2nd as Mexican Standoff Day to honor the newly crowned King of the Mexican Standoff, Thomas Edward Sizemore.

You’re still the man, pal.       


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