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2017 Oscars Controversy Continues

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The award for biggest clusterfuck goes to…

More Mixup Mayhem As Producer Michael De Luca Compares Best Picture Fiasco To Different Tragedies

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the harrowing moments after the wrong winner had been announced, amid vows how a scuttled scripted final bit between host Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon would’ve been “a kicker” and the number of Diet Cokes he’d drank, show producer Michael De Luca compared the chaotic event to elements of The Hindenburg. Apparently aware of his mix-up, De Luca then compared the moment to the Titanic.

The dual comparison has sparked outrage among protestors outside Sony offices. Worse, it’s caused catastrophic confusion.

“Well, we don’t know which protest group deserves to be here now, do we?” Fran Pratt, a 30-something waitress with family history tied the Hindenburg tragedy complained,  “Us Hindenburgers or the Titanic crowd.”

Burt Scranton, a 47 year-old business accountant and self described Titanic fanatic remains in the dark about De Luca’s dual comparison. “It don’t make no sense,” Scranton pointed out. “One’s an instant fiery demise where no one survived. The other was a slow embrace of the icy Atlantic where some lived to tell the tale. How can it be both?”

“No way the Titanics belong here,” says Fritz Klang, bloodline descendant of a Hindenburg engineer and part time Slurpee machine repairman. “The Oscars went down in flames. Where do you think that expression comes from?”

“How insensitive can Michael De Luca be?” Eloise Simms wonders from her lawn chair  among other uncertain oceanic tragedy encampments.  Gripping the Titanic protest shawl she’s unsure she should finish bedazzling for the protest, the 71 year-old widow casts a baleful glare at windows of De Luca’s office. “I’d like to jab him in the nuts with a knitting needle.”

Perhaps confessed “outrage addict” Chet Besterson best sums up the devastation caused by De Luca’s dual comparison. “What’d the Academy expect hiring the guy who killed Mike Meyers career?” Besterson refers to the De Luca produced box office flop, The Love Guru. Surveying the disarray of confused protesters, Besterson’s eyes brim and he quickly turns back to packing away his Hindenburg diorama intended for indignant display. When asked who would’ve been better suited to produce the show, Besterson is quick to respond.

Charles Manson,” he answers. “Or Frank Stallone. Now that would’ve been a show.”


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