10 Rejected Alternative Titles For The Alternatively Titled Ghostbusters DVD

The doomed reboot arrived on DVD with a new alternate title, GHOSTBUSTERS: Answer The Call.


To make nice for the Tweet that drove dapper director Paul Feig to block me from his Twitter page, I offered a few alternative titles of my own… but by the looks of it, the Feig feud is still on. His loss is your gain. Here’s the ten rejected alternate titles for the alternately titled Ghostbusters DVD.

1. GHOSTBUSTERS: Who We Gonna Blame?


2. GHOSTBUSTERS: What Are We Gonna Do?


3. GHOSTBUSTERS: Can We Get A Do-Over?


4. GHOSTBUSTERS: It Sounded Good On Paper


5. GHOSTBUSTERS: Starring Kate McKinnon


6. GHOSTBUSTERS: We Had So Many Big Plans


7. GHOSTBUSTERS: Insulting Fans Was A Bad Idea


8. GHOSTBUSTERS: A Lot Of Marketing People Got Fired


9. GHOSTBUSTERS: One Of Our Careers Is Toast


10. GHOSTBUSTERS: Sorry. We’re sorry. Really Really Sorry. Happy Now? Is that – One More? Seriously? Ok, Fine. Sorry.


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