Tinseltown Takedown w/ Darin Tino

Here’s to your destruction.


C’mon in. Take a seat. Let’s palaver.

It don’t look like much at the present, but yeah, you’re in the right spot. Tinseltown Takedown. Wth yours truly.

Uncle Silvo’s got guys coming in to knock a few things down, put in the bar, and the place’ll be hilarious in no time.  I got this intern – Barry or Kenny something – from an online community college to do all the  computer stuff. If the kid knows what he’s doing, in a day or so there’ll be some Tinseltown Takedown bits done BuzzFeed Community as part of my community service.  If not, he’s fucking fired.

Ok, good talk. C’mon back in a couple days and –  Easy. I know you just got here. You wanna see if Darin Tino still can deliver the goods? How ’bout this? While I’ve been away, seems clown shoes are in fashion. Because I look around and that’s what I’m seeing. Clowns. Walking around in their clown shoes. Making bones off what I did while I wasn’t doing what I’d done. That’s set to change.From AJ “Ain’t I A Bitch” Benza to that Jack-in-the-Box head Perez Hilton. A takedown is coming.

It’s gonna be a shit ton of fun. Just don’t tell Frank Stallone.


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